custom skateboard deck

Blank Skateboard

Ask us about our blank skateboards. We can make them any size any shape you want. If you need a custom shape no problem we can make a custom longboard or skateboard that suits your needs. Don't need graphics no problem we can sell you premium decks without a print on them. Not all blanks are created equal. Our blanks are made using the highest standards in materials and state of the art equipment. You might find a blank out there that is cheaper but it will not last as long as what we have to offer.

custom skateboards

Blank Skateboard Manufacturer

As a skateboard manufacturer we offer blanks or printed skateboard decks with your graphics. Manufacturing has changed since the day skateboarding as a sport was created. Starting from day one with some roller skates strapped to a two by four to now where skateboards are bent cut and shaped into just about any shape you can dream up. If you need some sort of change to a shape we can do it in our factory for a great price. Not only do we have some of the most sophisticated equipment building skateboards we have a great staff that can keep it all going smooth. With all this equipment there is a high demand for repairs and maintenance to keep us up in full swing.